Monthly archive for February 2014

Wandering Outside The Box

We are witnessing and experiencing a great deal of rage over the last two weeks. We see it in Ukraine, and in the violence in our streets, and in our families and our relationships. We feel it in ourselves. What’s this volcanic upsurge in anger about? (To get a good picture of the basis of what I am going to talk about, I would strongly urge you to read the February edition of the Cosmic Times, which you can get by going HERE and signing up.) As the Earthplane and the “Higher Realms” begin to come together for all of

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Not Enough Time?

Did you just see the wildest thing that Time did this week? There wasn’t any. I would swear that we went from last Saturday evening to today, and there were absolutely no moments in between! I had every intention of filling this week with wonderful work — I was going to accomplish so much, and make such good headway on some big projects, and finally get to those little house items that nag at me, and… I was distraught on Thursday when I realized how much of the week was already gone, and beside myself on Friday, and utterly

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