Monthly archive for December 2013

Embracing Experiences of Separation

Our washing machine finally took its last spin around and died. So I went to the washing machine store and found the simplest, least expensive one in stock, and thought to myself that this could not have been easier — 25 minutes from death to resurrection — when the whole deal suddenly crumbled away over impossible delivery dates and times. Then I had to get plane tickets for Texas for next August. I will lose rewards points on December 31st, and so went to the rewards website, and found we can get tickets for a very reasonable number of

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Planting Dreams of a New World

Yesterday, I went to the yearly community Messiah sing, and joined several hundred hopeful and well-meaning people in the unintended joyful butchering of Handel’s great masterpiece. For an hour and a half we gave it our all, filling the church with probably more love than music — and at the end we cheered for the soloists and for the orchestra and especially for ourselves, and we left there with open hearts, beaming good-will at each other. And then we got in our cars in the parking lot and immediately resumed our roles as completely crazed, vicious, ill-mannered lunatics, gobbling

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