Monthly archive for November 2013

Loosening and Letting Go

Can you feel all the defining lines fading before your very eyes?  Are you aware of all the ties that bind loosening and letting go? It is very subtle — but those structures that have held us forever, that are so much a given part of the fabric, that are like the air we breathe — seem no longer sufficient, are giving way, are softening, melting, liquefying… As we let go, we are let go of. Time, that has held us steady forever, becomes less and less steady, more and more mutable. Words and language, that have structured our

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A Deep Time

It’s such a deep time! Astrologically speaking, we are in the “heart of darkness” that is the Scorpio energy. In addition, this last week, the Scorpio Solar Eclipse and both Mercury’s and now Jupiter’s retrograde motion serve to turn any dialogue and expansiveness from outside expression to deep internal digging and reorganizing. I’m hearing from so many of you that the chaos and demands from the outside only continue to increase in intensity – to the point of total overwhelm and panic! — and that (in spite of our ongoing question, “When will this be over??!??”) we are beginning

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