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Yes, life continues to be crazy – but maybe not quite as crazy as it was several weeks ago. We are in the middle of a powerful Mercury Retrograde, which affects communication, so our telephones and printers, email and computers, conversations and schedules are all mixed up and misbehaving. But truly, in the midst of our multi-layers of multi-tasking, aren’t you beginning to feel that there is a little bit more breathing room, a little bit more time-space than you felt even a couple of weeks ago? The crises around health and money and housing and work, and the

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It’s Real

I don’t remember any time that has been this full of terrible anxiety, grief, desperate aloneness, illness, and off-the-charts craziness.  Hopefully you have read the October issue of the Cosmic Times, and you are fully up-to-date on the why of all of this.  (If you haven’t yet, don’t wait — run and click HERE to subscribe and get your copy now!) As you know from the Cosmic Times, we are in the middle of the biggest transformation in the history of Human Beings.  And with this, we are in the process of becoming fully unified, whole beings for the first

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