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Welcome to our World right now!

Have you been cleaning up, clearing out, making space, striving to simplify? Are your families in amazing disarray? Are family members in crisis? Does it feel like all the old dynamics and roles are falling apart? Does it seem that every old dysfunctional pattern you have every played in is up and in your face? Are you going from emergency to emergency, desperately trying to regroup and restore in between emergency phone calls? Are you feeling the need to isolate and be gentle with yourself, (i.e. crawl into bed and pull up the covers), but continue to be pulled

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Enormous Transformation

Can you feel it??  Can you sense it??  Such an enormous transformation, such an immense shift is taking place even as we speak!  There are such big happenings underway that the October Cosmic Times, which wouldn’t normally write itself until the very last days of September, is already insisting upon coming in.  The period of the 10 days between the New Moon of Rosh HaShana and the end of Yom Kippur is considered a very powerful time — and truly, this time, took the cake! The High HolyDays are quite profound — Rosh HaShana, the New Year, gives us

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