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So many amazing things are happening! I need to talk today about material that was at the heart of the August edition of the Cosmic Times — so I apologize to those of you who haven’t yet read it, because you will probably find yourself confused — and again, I invite you, I urge you, to please not miss this Cosmic Times, and to go get your copy now by clicking HERE! So here goes: Do you remember that because of the very ancient herstory which resulted in Mankind’s banishment by Earth and Light becoming the exclusive domain of Mankind,

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The Age of Aquarius

What an amazing time! We all seem to be hitting the wall so fast and so hard, it’s almost impossible to stay on top of it all! We are losing family and friends and health and relationships and pets and homes and jobs and vehicles. The foundations of our beliefs and values and expectations and dreams are being challenged and broken up and carted away. And of course, the grief for many of us is overwhelming, and we are having lots of good cries every day. From a 3-D perspective, this is awful. From a larger perspective, this is

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