Monthly archive for June 2013

Maintaining “Heavenly” Space

It feels like we are in the very middle of the most enormous turn we have ever made.  We are at the apex of the turn, where, after such a long curve, we are finally just beginning the turn toward where we are really headed.  And for the first time, we are getting tiny glimpses, glimmerings, of what our new world, our new being, might actually look like! Everything is certainly being wiped clean — if it is too tightly based in 3-D vibrational Consciousness, it falls apart, disappears, breaks, is no more, is eliminated from our lives —

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Myriad Tangles

We totally understand that we are being deeply uprooted, that all the old beliefs are being dug up and tossed away, and that all that we know is being wiped away. If we didn’t believe it last week, there is no doubt for us this week, after watching the SuperTornado completely clean away an entire suburb. We get it. What is a little mystifying is what began to occur after the Tornado. It seems that everything that was sort of moving along in a relatively harmonious, smooth kind of way — the everyday things we all do ad seriatum

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