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The ShadowSelf

If it is possible, it seems that this week was even more intense than the previous week!  We got to experience the most amazing expressions of violence, betrayals of trust, and explosive disruption — within our relationships!  I can’t tell you how many shatterings I have heard about this week in families, friendships, small communities, and in the intimacies of love partnerships, business partnerships, teacher-student partnerships, collegial partnerships, all kinds of partnerships.  And we have certainly been privy to this through the news media, as our hearts break in Cleveland and in Phoenix. Last week, I wrote about the

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Today is “This Day”

Now I know why we got a bit of a break from our usual too-crowded fast-paced lives this last week. Wasn’t it a tremendously intense week?? I think it was so very intense because we are all being faced with a big choice right now. This is maybe one of the biggest choices of our lives. The question that seems to be before us is whether or not we choose to live or die. How about that, for an intense question! No, I’m serious. I think that is the question. Forever, up until now we have been able to

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A Little Break

This week I have begun to breathe.  I actually have a bit of room in my schedule.  Truly, I don’t remember this kind of possible spaciousness in more years than I can remember.   It’s not like I don’t have a whole lot to do — but somehow there is less pressure, there is less of a sense of urgency, there is a letting up, as though we’ve all been given a small reprieve, a little break from the breakneck pace we’ve been keeping for a very long time. It’s as though the enormous move that we’ve been working toward

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