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What is Oneness?

What a week. What an intensely painful, profoundly confusing, soul-shaking week. Yes, we understand that astrologically, there is this heavenly conjunction involving Uranus, the planet associated with explosive surprises, and Mars, the planet associated with war and violence — but oh my. And yes, all of our hearts open, and the love and compassion flow out to the City of Boston, and the Town of West, and the Sichuan Province and all the victims and families and communities and groups — and perpetrators. And more hearts open, and there is greater Love, and we all talk about, and even

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The Only Possible Place of Orientation

So often these days, I am feeling as though I don’t know who I am, I don’t know who my sweet husband is, I don’t have any idea what I am doing here, or what I am supposed to be doing, or why. I feel disconnected and disoriented, like I am in free-float. I should be afraid that I am falling, or heading toward danger, but I have no idea what is up or down, left or right, inside or outside — so I have no clue about whether or not I am in trouble. Most of the time

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Full Co-Creative Partners with FullSource

What an amazing Cosmic Times came last week for April!  There is so much there to give us hope and to point us in clearer directions!  Truly, if you didn’t get it yet, do not delay — run to sign up HERE, and with your subscription, you will also receive the previous two issues as our thank you. You know I don’t normally begin by urging you to join the Cosmic Times family, but as I read the April issue, I came to an incredible realization.  For me, the shining bright sparkle at the center of this Cosmic Times is how it is that the whole of Creation

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