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The more Love, the more Truth

The heart is the Home of Truth. It is said that the great Cherubim reside in the Heart of God, that is, in the deep heart, the Heart of Hearts of each of us. The job of the Cherubim is to be the Guardians of Truth. There was a great Cherub on either side of the Ark of the Covenant. When there was silence from the Ark, the Cherubim faced out, but when the great wargod, Yahweh, spoke out of the Ark, the Cherubim faced in, (as I see it) making certain that Yahweh was speaking Truth. Likewise, the

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I am aware this week that there is a bit of spunk, of recklessness — of truth — in the air. Somehow we are beginning to shake ourselves, ever so slightly, out of our very long, sleepy ho-hum, and something new is stirring and starting to bubble to the surface. Last year we talked and talked about the urgency with which we needed to better align ourselves with our Divine Designs, with our GodSelves, with the truths of our essences — and I think we are just beginning to see the tips of those truths emerging. It feels as

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The Dragon come to Earth

Doesn’t it feel as though we are in a really intense Mercury Retrograde? Almost nothing is smooth or easy. If anything can possible go awry, it seems to run to do that. So much is breaking down — communications, schedules, computers, major appliances, major relationships… it’s almost funny. Almost. What’s happening? Everything was supposed to be so much better after the Winter Solstice! (whine, complain, bellyache, etc) Actually, everything is much better. We and everyone and everything around us are taking in the enormous influxes of Light that began in December, and we are all evolving. But we are

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