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Not Enough Time?

Did you just see the wildest thing that Time did this week? There wasn’t any. I would swear that we went from last Saturday evening to today, and there were absolutely no moments in between! I had every intention of filling this week with wonderful work — I was going to accomplish so much, and make such good headway on some big projects, and finally get to those little house items that nag at me, and… I was distraught on Thursday when I realized how much of the week was already gone, and beside myself on Friday, and utterly

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While You Are Sleeping…

Have you been exhausted lately? I sleep though my alarm clock in the morning, have to push myself to get through the afternoon without a nap, and find that my brain is complete mush by about 8:00 in the evening (which is fine because then I can just give up and be in bed by 9:00). I feel completely pathetic! I wonder if I am fighting off some encroaching illness. I think about taking more supplements. I play with my food/exercise/meditation/work schedule. The interesting news is that I am hearing similar stories from everyone around me. If it’s epidemic,

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Embracing Experiences of Separation

Our washing machine finally took its last spin around and died. So I went to the washing machine store and found the simplest, least expensive one in stock, and thought to myself that this could not have been easier — 25 minutes from death to resurrection — when the whole deal suddenly crumbled away over impossible delivery dates and times. Then I had to get plane tickets for Texas for next August. I will lose rewards points on December 31st, and so went to the rewards website, and found we can get tickets for a very reasonable number of

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Planting Dreams of a New World

Yesterday, I went to the yearly community Messiah sing, and joined several hundred hopeful and well-meaning people in the unintended joyful butchering of Handel’s great masterpiece. For an hour and a half we gave it our all, filling the church with probably more love than music — and at the end we cheered for the soloists and for the orchestra and especially for ourselves, and we left there with open hearts, beaming good-will at each other. And then we got in our cars in the parking lot and immediately resumed our roles as completely crazed, vicious, ill-mannered lunatics, gobbling

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Loosening and Letting Go

Can you feel all the defining lines fading before your very eyes?  Are you aware of all the ties that bind loosening and letting go? It is very subtle — but those structures that have held us forever, that are so much a given part of the fabric, that are like the air we breathe — seem no longer sufficient, are giving way, are softening, melting, liquefying… As we let go, we are let go of. Time, that has held us steady forever, becomes less and less steady, more and more mutable. Words and language, that have structured our

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A Deep Time

It’s such a deep time! Astrologically speaking, we are in the “heart of darkness” that is the Scorpio energy. In addition, this last week, the Scorpio Solar Eclipse and both Mercury’s and now Jupiter’s retrograde motion serve to turn any dialogue and expansiveness from outside expression to deep internal digging and reorganizing. I’m hearing from so many of you that the chaos and demands from the outside only continue to increase in intensity – to the point of total overwhelm and panic! — and that (in spite of our ongoing question, “When will this be over??!??”) we are beginning

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Yes, life continues to be crazy – but maybe not quite as crazy as it was several weeks ago. We are in the middle of a powerful Mercury Retrograde, which affects communication, so our telephones and printers, email and computers, conversations and schedules are all mixed up and misbehaving. But truly, in the midst of our multi-layers of multi-tasking, aren’t you beginning to feel that there is a little bit more breathing room, a little bit more time-space than you felt even a couple of weeks ago? The crises around health and money and housing and work, and the

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It’s Real

I don’t remember any time that has been this full of terrible anxiety, grief, desperate aloneness, illness, and off-the-charts craziness.  Hopefully you have read the October issue of the Cosmic Times, and you are fully up-to-date on the why of all of this.  (If you haven’t yet, don’t wait — run and click HERE to subscribe and get your copy now!) As you know from the Cosmic Times, we are in the middle of the biggest transformation in the history of Human Beings.  And with this, we are in the process of becoming fully unified, whole beings for the first

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Welcome to our World right now!

Have you been cleaning up, clearing out, making space, striving to simplify? Are your families in amazing disarray? Are family members in crisis? Does it feel like all the old dynamics and roles are falling apart? Does it seem that every old dysfunctional pattern you have every played in is up and in your face? Are you going from emergency to emergency, desperately trying to regroup and restore in between emergency phone calls? Are you feeling the need to isolate and be gentle with yourself, (i.e. crawl into bed and pull up the covers), but continue to be pulled

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Enormous Transformation

Can you feel it??  Can you sense it??  Such an enormous transformation, such an immense shift is taking place even as we speak!  There are such big happenings underway that the October Cosmic Times, which wouldn’t normally write itself until the very last days of September, is already insisting upon coming in.  The period of the 10 days between the New Moon of Rosh HaShana and the end of Yom Kippur is considered a very powerful time — and truly, this time, took the cake! The High HolyDays are quite profound — Rosh HaShana, the New Year, gives us

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