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Hope Is A Requirement

Weren’t the last two weeks a doozy? So many of us just dropped into the deepest depression, the darkest despair.  And if we carried a weak or fragile spot — physically, emotional, mentally, spiritually — boy, did that spot give way! So many of us fell, or experienced “accidents”, or got sick, or slipped over the edge into psychosis, or… To paraphrase the great psychologist, if our teacups are cracked, they are now breaking. The stress has been overwhelming, and when our fault lines begin to give way under the pressure, and we can no longer handle the stress

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Very Intense, Very Rich, Very Emotional

So have you had about as much as you can take?? I know (if I am not already there) I am definitely getting to that point! It seems like we just can’t take one more piece of “bad” news, that we just can’t bear to watch any more unraveling, and that just when we think the world can’t possibly get any crazier — it does! Yes, it’s very intense, very rich, very emotional, very demanding, very draining, very very. There seems to be an almost constant, pervasive, incessant re-forming and shattering, re-forming and shattering, re-forming and shattering… Some days

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Keeping Our Feet Moving

The August Cosmic Times is out, and we finally have some ways of understanding the craziness and violence and pain that are disrupting our world right now. And that is helpful and hopeful and comforting — and I also think that most of us feel as though we are reaching our limits in terms of how much sadness and heartbreak we can handle without being overwhelmed by it all. Many of us are feeling like we are neither here nor there, like we are not quite all in our bodies, like we are waiting for… something… like we are

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The August Cosmic Times is Almost Here!

My phone is ringing off the hook with distraught people all somewhat hysterically asking me the same question: What is going on in our world??!? What’s happening?? How are we supposed to respond?? What do you do with so much pain?? Thank goodness the August Cosmic Times is writing itself even as we speak, and will be out to you by the end of the week! And as you can imagine, it is blowing my mind — giving me an entirely expanded (and amazingly comforting) perspective on these heart-wrenching world events, as well as helping me make sense of

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Magical Moments

I believe we are arriving. Everywhere we turn, there seem to be magical moments — little bits of time in which all of a sudden, often out of left field, everything falls into place; there is unexpected harmony, rightness, beauty, serendipity, a bit of perfection. Everyone we speak with is eager to share the latest magical moment — when we got to taste a tiny bite of the miraculous, the clear way, the opening glimpse into this 5D Garden of Eden. Think about it for yourself — maybe you are seeing the beginning of something you’ve been waiting for

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Do you feel lost lately? Almost everyone I speak with these days tells me some version of “I feel lost – I no longer feel anchored or clear about anything! I don’t know who I am or what I’m here for.” The world as we’ve known it continues to change and cease to be, our old patterns continue to release through us (whether we want them to, or not!) and the landscape around us changes moment-by-moment — and we remain in a state of almost constant disorientation. Everything is going and coming, and indeed, we feel lost! For some

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5D Is Rushing In

Wow! I think my dear friend and teacher, Rabbi Lynn Claire Feinberg says it best: “One moment I am very excited about what this…time is bringing us, and the next, I am terrified. [It feels] as if all of [what we are] is being churned and broken down to the bare bones, as if there is no more of us left… so much happening, and all [we feel like doing] much of the time is weep, or go around in circles not really getting anything done. And about us, [everyone’s] lives are being challenged in various deep ways. How

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Shedding the Old Skin: What’s Next?

Dear Friends, We so happily bid adieu to one of the toughest months I ever remember living through. This surge toward the Vernal Equinox this last Thursday was one of the most challenging races I have ever attempted to run. The goal was to shed as much of whatever has been holding us in 3-D limitation as we possible could — before the Equinox. And oh, have we been shedding! We’ve been molting, wriggling out of skins that somehow have become too small for us, letting go of those old beliefs and patterns that have kept us limited for

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It seems to me that the whole world must be sad and weepy. Everyone I speak with tells me they are routinely finding that they have fallen into pools of depression, puddles of sadness, that they are crying all the time — and have very little idea why. I find myself tearing up at stupid commercials, having good boo-hoos over the small heart-warming articles in the paper, and working hard to climb out of deep gulches of depression that suddenly gape and threaten to swallow me during the day. I have become very aware how many of us are

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Wandering Outside The Box

We are witnessing and experiencing a great deal of rage over the last two weeks. We see it in Ukraine, and in the violence in our streets, and in our families and our relationships. We feel it in ourselves. What’s this volcanic upsurge in anger about? (To get a good picture of the basis of what I am going to talk about, I would strongly urge you to read the February edition of the Cosmic Times, which you can get by going HERE and signing up.) As the Earthplane and the “Higher Realms” begin to come together for all of

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