Ellen teaches a variety of workshops for you to choose from. Most of these are offered as a webinar and you can attend them from the comfort of your home.


When we create sacred space and open a session, we can then find the origins of any issue, or complex of symptoms — be they physical, emotional, or spiritual, patterns in our lives, or even entire belief systems.


Follow the bi-weekly blog and stay informed. Ellen keeps us updated on the most current and significant movements in our universe, to help us navigate and understand what is happening in our lives on a weekly basis.


Read the Cosmic Times, a monthly, 5 to 8 page channeled newsletter, filled with detailed information about what is happening energetically in our Cosmos. Understand how this effects our lives and relationships.

Current and Upcoming WORKSHOPS & EVENTS

The Mastership Program

A year-long course which enables us to gain the skills and take the steps to a state of mastery within. Now, by popular demand: Mastership Level 3

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NEW on the BLOG

  • Hope Is A Requirement
    Weren’t the last two weeks a doozy? So many of us just dropped into the deepest depression, the darkest despair.  And if we carried a weak or fragile spot — physically, emotional, mentally, spiritually — boy, did that spot give way! So many of us fell, or experienced “accidents”, or got sick, or slipped over the edge into psychosis, or… To paraphrase the great psychologist, if our teacups are cracked, they are now breaking. The stress has been overwhelming, and when our fault lines begin to give way under the pressure, and we can no longer handle the stress...
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An excerpt from the latest COSMIC TIMES

April 2016

Dear Ones, we applaud your courage and determination to stay in the present moment and squarely face what is in front of you. You are doing a phenomenal job of showing up and engaging directly with the energy that presents itself. You are clear-eyed and full of heart — and we are impressed and grateful...


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